Yoga Classes in Gibraltar

Gibraltar: Privater Yoga classes 1-on-1 or groups

I currently do not offer any group classes in Gibraltar. If you are interested in private sessions, please contact me to arrange a time and day. These classes can be held at the comfort of your own home.

'Corporate Yoga'

Imagine pushing your office tables to the side for an hour and focus on your body and breath. Yoga at work is a great way for companies to offer tools for their loyal empoyees to learn dealing with stress in simple ways, strengthen the body and lengthen the back for back pain prevention and many more very useful benefits:

  • Increase body's circulation: By stretching and releasing tension, the flow of liquids, especially the blood is being stimulated. Oposing the restriction which is caused by static positions, especially sitting. Increasing the circulation, means boosting your energy levels!
  • Release physical tension caused by stress: Most of us that have or are working in a busy office environment know the feeling of tense and painful necks and shoulders after an intense day at work. Sometimes we don't even feel it approaching, yet at the end of the day it's there. We will use simple exercises that you can repeate even sitting in the chair, in order to release tension in those 'stress related' areas.
  • Deepen the breath and focus the mind: Learning on how a deep, controld breath can help us through stressful situations amazes a lot of my clients. In today's world, nobody teaches us how to breath most beneficially. In our office sessions, we will use straight forward breathing exercises, that you can take into work every day for more steadyness, physically and mentally. Breathing deeply is key in order to alleviate feelings of stress.
  • Revitalize the body: Yoga exercises help you release tension. This will free underlying resources of energy, energy that your stress was consuming. The physical exercises will help you increase the blood flow to the body. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients throughout the body and its organs. The breathing exercises will charge the body with increased oxygen, get rid of toxins that have accumulated in the body and you feeling full of energy again.
  • Reduce the risk or Repetitive strain injury: Regular Yoga practise help you protect the joints (like wrists, fingers, arms, etc) as it mobilizes joints, stretch the tendons that have been locked to one position and increase circulation to the area. 
  • Relax the eyes: At office yoga sessions, I often include eye exercises that are a great way to ease eye strain. Have you ever exercised yours? The eyes are essential organs with many muscles and nerves that tire from overuse. Sitting close to and staring at screens for most of the day does put a lot of strain on the eyes. The nerves of the eyes directly connect to the brain and the exercises we will be doing help to elevate tension from the eyes to the brain. 
  • General feeling of well-being: The cumulative effect of all the above points and so much more a regular Yoga practise offers.

If you are interested in having a free trial class at your work, please get in touch with me and we will arrange it at the comfort of your own office!


IMPORTANT: The classes offered all include physical excercise. Please always seek the advise of your physician or other qualified health professional prior to your attendance. If you have an existing medical condition, please make sure to mention it to your instructor before the class starts.